Abby Hertz


The only interest that has remained constant throughout Abby Hertz’s life is art. Her first studio was a bathroom her father converted for her at age four, where she developed her love of drawing and painting. Never having an interest in studying art-making formally, Abby instead majored in Art History in her undergraduate studies and attended The School of Visual Art’s MFA in Art Criticism and Writing program. She is a chashama studio artist, sharing a space at the Brooklyn Army Terminal with her husband. 

Artist’s Statement:
Using mainly pen and ink on paper, my art focuses on detail and patterns that are simultaneously meditative and design-oriented. Drawing fluid yet constructed figures, I aim to blur the line between perfection and imperfection, symmetry and asymmetry, and design versus art. My patterns are based in aesthetic pleasure yet often symbolize a very personal concept or meaning. When I complete a drawing, it becomes a marker of a time in my life, much like a tattoo. I often incorporate the physical evidence of slight body modifications into a piece in order to commemorate the events that were taking place during its creation. 

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